DIY plant stand – renter friendly+small space solutions

A little back story to how this project was conceived. Since we live in an apartment and do not have a ton of space, I like keeping it simple and not over crowding the space with too many things. One of the easiest ways this is possible is by stacking or using multiple levels while decorating, wherever possible. In other words, lifting stuff off the ground level, to give the space a more roomy effect.

Like most of my projects, I like to work with what I have before I buy new stuff for projects especially due to storage constraints and not wanting to hoard or waste stuff.
Everything used in this project is stuff I had left over from a previous project or decor I already had around the house. I will link the alternative/similar products in this blog though.

This year for G’s birthday we went out for dinner to a quaint little place that we stumbled upon. While there, we realized and discussed how doing small little things and paying attention to details can elevate any experience greatly. This restaurant didn’t have anything majorly different from all the other places, but the little details that they paid attention to made it so much better both in terms of ambiance and overall experience.

On that note, I decided to give my potted plant a slight upgrade with minimal changes and products.

I had a white IKEA lantern which I used as a card box for my wedding that later became a piece I carried from apartment to apartment in the hopes I would put it to use some day.

I’ve also had a hanging pothos plant (commonly known as a money plant) that my mom gifted to me a long time ago. I don’t have much luck with keeping plants alive but this one has been super easy to maintain and comes back to life with just a little water even when it’s almost dead, this also easily survives with the roots immersed in just water and so I’ve planted it in different glass bottles all around the house.

So, both the lantern and the potted plant have been sitting around taking some floor space. so I decided to take the glass walls off the lantern and put the potted plant inside it.

Once that was done I decided I wanted to take the whole thing off the floor and elevate it and make a little stand for it, that’s how this project begins. For this part of the project I began with a circular piece of wood from Home Depot which I had on hand from a previous project.

I painted this white and ended up not liking just the plain white so decided to paint a pattern over it. Don’t worry you do not have to be an artist or have any prior experience to do this. you can use a stencil to do this. Once you stick the stencil on the wood, you can dab the colors you want using a sponge.

Next I measured an equilateral triangle on the face of the wood and marked the three points. I then drilled three holes at these three points. I had saved the legs of an old coffee table that we ended up discarding but you can buy similar ones here, I used metal plates to anchor these legs onto the wood and there we go the perfect planter stool!

I then went on to put the lantern-planter on to my new plant stand. I’ve combined three things here, the lantern, the potted plant and the planter stand, and now together they occupy a small corner of my room versus if they were all separate objects occupying a much larger space.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for the perfect settings to make little changes. All you need to do is to get started, with whatever you have on hand and see where it takes you.

Happy DIYing, as always I would love to see if you create similar projects, feel free to comment your pictures below or tag me on Instagram:)

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