A Gallery Wall to (Finally) Finish the Living Room

It’s Bait-and-Switch Friday here on DustandDoghair.

Today, while the rest of the “Where Bloggers Live” tribe is sharing their “Just like Home” stories, I’m sharing the LAST of my decades-in-the-making, Living Room makeover adventure.

For REAL. No take backs. No promises of “one last project in the next post.”

Stick a fork in it, it’s done…for better or worse.

“Hey, that’s not fair! You’re supposed to be talking about a place that ‘feels like a second Home.’”

Look, there’ve been so many changes to Home this year that, TBH, even HOME doesn’t feel entirely like home anymore. Want to know what feels like home? Short answer, compliments of Billy Joel: “wherever we’re together, that’s my home.”

While I continue to adjust to three less kids and one less dog on a daily basis, I am going about the business of living…which…

I can now do in my finally completed LIVING ROOM.

traditional living room, vintage table, painted furniture

This has been the most lugubrious makeover adventure ever recorded in the Bloggersphere. It has shown me once again that the “making over” isn’t my problem… It’s the subtlety of deciding every. single. thing. about. every. SINGLE. thing.

AND, you know what? I suddenly don’t feel like that anymore.

Maybe it’s the result of being trapped in my house for a year, but there are about a million and two projects I want to start right now…and I feel like I know EXACTLY what I want to do for each of them.

Right? And this isn’t even an April Fool’s post!

So let’s wrap up this Living Room and move on before I start overthinking the next things on the agenda …okay?!

Here is where we were exactly 5, f-i-v-e years ago; right after I had last refreshed the room:

Yes…SO DARK in here!!

And here we are five years later, having followed nearly all of the decorator’s suggestions that I second guessed.

She got HER part done right away! I labored for three additional years on decisions regarding wall paint (we ended up taking her suggestion)…

Revere Pewter

the curtains (I’m THRILLED that I didn’t take their workroom’s suggestion and did eventually decide to interline them)…

acrylic curtain rods, DIY curtain rods, goblet pleats, custom window treatments, bamboo shades

updated the floor lamp…

and end tables (thank you, Craigslist).

traditional living room, vintage table, painted furniture

I also decided to try a gallery wall.

Gallery Wall with objects and art

Even though I had picked up a few pictures pre-pandemic, I didn’t have enough of a “collection” to work with mid-pandemic, so I shopped the house and got creative with pictures and mementos, was able to repurpose frames and paint my cast buffalo head a new color (for the third time) and finish it all before post pandemic arrived. Well, actually, I finished it just before Thanksgiving, which is when I THOUGHT post-pandemic would arrive.

To assemble this wall, I put everything on the floor, arranged and rearranged it,

measured how much space it required top to bottom, left to right; then put painters’ tape on the wall to mark the space:

and used the tape as a baseline to measure where things would go as I transferred them from the floor to the wall.

In do-over world, I might have put everything a little closer together, but you know what I don’t have plans to do? Yep, a do over.

Incidentally, I also refreshed the serpentine dresser by swapping out my DIY beaded drawer pulls

serpentine dresser refinished

for new brass pulls.

Okay, there may be a new accent pillow or effortlessly tossed blanket somewhere in the future, but I’m happy to leave the Living Room behind for now…and move on to a new project …ONE of which involves several yards of this fabric….

Any guesses where this is going? Do you think you’ll have to wait five years to find out?

While you ponder these great mysteries, check out my blogger friends who ARE likely following the rules and are writing about the things that are “Just Like Home.” Bettye’s on break for this post, and Leslie is grappling with some technical issues, but stop by anyway, there are always fun reads by::

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