Pool House and Patio Furniture Design Inspiration

Welcome back my friends. I apologize for being absent the last few weeks, unfortunately my blogging has taken a back seat to life. It’s been a crazy year so far and it’s only April!

I lost my Dad in February and things have been tough. Such a tragic event threw me for a real loop and I found myself severely depressed. I am feeling better now and started an unconventional treatment for my depression. You can learn all about it on my Instagram stories as I detail my journey.

But enough about me, let’s talk about summer! Warm weather, drinks on the patio, soaking up sun by the pool, backyard barbecues, and good old relaxing and having fun with family and friends.

As you know, our backyard project is still going on…yup…not done yet! I mean it’s only been a year 🤦‍♀️ but I do see the end in sight. Up to this point, it’s been hard to really think about the fun stuff like using the space. I have been up to my eyeballs dealing with this never ending project. BUT, in the end I do believe it will be fabulous and worth all the frustration 🙂

Best Time to Order Outdoor Furniture

Let’s talk about outdoor furniture. The time to order outdoor furniture is now. The back log on new production of outdoor furniture is getting ridiculous, the supply chain is still not back to pre COVID days. Goods are getting more expensive and taking longer to manufacture. If you see a deal, grab it. If you see a sale and the item is in stock, take it. I can’t stress this enough..the wait is long and items are going quickly!

The season for outdoor living in our region is short, mainly late April through September. I have been looking and researching outdoor furniture for a while and have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to go. Let me show you…

Pool House Design Board

Design boards always help me make informed decisions whenever I am planning a new space. Visually seeing all the items on a mood board is so helpful for planning purposes.

I am basing my design around a black and white theme and these are the items I am considering and have already purchased many from Arhaus.

Sofa/Chairs/Rug/Swing/Coffee Table/Planter/Pillow(similar)/Hydrangea Tree/Coffee Table Bowl/Chandelier(similar)

Real Life Samples of Fabrics and Materials to Take Home

Whenever I am designing a space, I like to see the materials in real life…if possible. Taking a piece of our travertine to Arhaus helps to match up colors and textures. You are also allowed to check the items out and take them home for a few days which was helpful to put the items against the color of paint we will be using in the pool house.

Trying to decide between these two neutrals was tough. They both work with the stone but the fabric on the right was softer than the fabric on the left.

Even though the fabric on the left is a exact match with the stone, I chose the softer fabric for our sofa and chairs.

The rug is also a wonderful match and incorporates all the colors I want in the design.

Pool Deck Design Board

Chaises/Umbrella/Side Table

The area in front of the pool house will be left open for lounging chaises and umbrellas. This umbrella is 11 feet wide, enough to shade 2 lounge chairs. I love the scalloped design and the contrast of a black umbrella with white chaises. A small side table will be perfect to hold drinks and snacks.

I am leaving the walkway on each side of the pool open. Perhaps we will utilize the space for planters or lanterns lining the way…still working on the landscape design.

What do you think?



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