2 DIY ways to upcycle a large wood wire spool

I recently acquired one of these large wood wire spools…and was trying to figure out some ways I could use it.  My brother is an electrician and frequently has these left behind at a job site destined for the trash and had asked if I wanted me to save one for me. With the price of lumber being extra high right now and my love for DIY and upcycling items of course I said yes!

It was fairly easy to take apart – it just had 4-5 bolts on one side that I undid with a socket wrench on side and a wrench holding the other side and then it basically fell apart – there are several large long rods/screws that go through the entire thing that just hold it together.  So then I was left with 2 large circles (the other side is painted green with lettering) and a pile of 2×6 boards that are slightly cupped to form them into a circle.  I haven’t figured out yet what to do with the pile of 2×6 boards but I am hoping to come up with a way to use those as well. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-1

I sanded both round pieces very well starting with a rough grit sandpaper like 80 grit and then ending with a finer grit sandpaper.  Then sealed both of them with some matte clear coat – I had some Varathane Spar Urethane on hand which is meant for exterior use so was perfect for one of them since it will be used outside and fine to use on the other one that will more than likely be used inside. 

So the first project I made involved some large metal handles – I picked up these 2 at Hobby Lobby for $12.99 each but 50% off so just $12.99 total.  I am sure you could use any kind of heavy duty metal handles, maybe even some that would be usually used as barn door handles. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-2

Then I just attached them using some heavy duty 1.5 inch screws to the top of the wood round.

Wooden spool DIY ideas-7

And I now have a firepit cover! 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-5

We built this firepit back in the fall and have used it frequently over the fall and winter.  As the weather is getting warmer here in the south, it will be just too hot to use much during the summer.  So this will help close it off and not allow as much rain to get inside while also allow us to have a functioning use for it during the summer! 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-6

We still come sit in these chairs and leave them out year-round so this now creates a table for food/drinks or just a spot to put out a board game or play along with allowing me to make it pretty with some plants when it is not in use. I just absolutely love it and the fact that it only cost $13 for the handles makes me love it even more!

Here are some links for the firepit DIY and items you see:

So then for the second wood round, I had an idea to create a piece of furniture using these popular hairpin legs that cost around $20 for the set. 

For this project, I attached the legs on the underside of the wood round near the edge.  They come with the screws so this was just a quick 10-minute project. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-9

And now I have a coffee table!

Wooden spool DIY ideas-10

This could be used indoors or outdoors and would great especially for a sectional couch.  Not sure my living room set up is the best for a round coffee table but it could work. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-11

Wooden spool DIY ideas-18

I really love the raw light wood with just the clear coat on it that has such pretty variations and colors in it. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-15

And while I know the screw holes and rough look of this is not for everyone many do love that industrial look. Smile

Wooden spool DIY ideas-19

Wooden spool DIY ideas-21

Here’s what it looks like without a tray – but most people will have some sort of tray or vase or something in the middle of the table.   I am sure you could find a round tray that is exactly the size or larger than the middle design to completely cover that if you wanted to as well. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-20

And spy that table in the background?  I actually made that about a year ago with you guessed it a wood spool top! Smile  I had actually found both of these pieces for free – the bottom leg part someone was giving away that I guess she had cut off an old table, and the wood round was in a trash pile.  They sat in the garage for a while until I realized I could actually combine both of them to make a side table!

Wooden spool DIY ideas-24

I painted the table base with some chalk paint and heavily distressed it.  And sanded and clear coated the wood round.  Then just used some simple L metal braces to attach the top to the middle pedestal (you can see just the tip of one in that picture).

Wooden spool DIY ideas-25

This one has a hole in the middle as well but I just keep a tray over it which I would do anyways on a side table.

Wooden spool DIY ideas-26

I love all of these projects and the fact that they are repurposing something that may just end up in the trash!  I will probably sell the coffee table but the firepit cover will definitely be staying!  If you have any ideas for how I can use the wood boards that made the center of the spool (they are about 2 feet long), let me know!  And if I end up doing a project with them I’ll definitely add a link to that in this post. Smile

If you would like to find your own wood spool to do a project with, I see them listed all the time in my area on Facebook marketplace.  Or even sometimes just sitting in someone’s front yard with a sign for sale on them.  And you can even find people giving them away for free.  If you have anyone in the electrical field would be worth asking if they have any sitting around destined for the trash too. 

Wooden spool DIY ideas-8

What would you do with a wood spool?   Would you use any of these projects in your home?

Turn an old wire wood spool into a coffee table and firepit cover

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