Iron Chair Re-Do

Now that I have found this amazing paint product line Fusion Mineral Paint, I am crazy about finding and re-doing pieces!

I keep seeing all this cute vintage furniture that just needs a little re-do to bring it back to life. My goal is to use every single color of the Fusion Mineral Paint I have in stock on something!

My shop, Frame and Frills, is located in New Richmond, WI and is available online too.

If you missed it, HERE is a post I wrote why Fusion Mineral Paint is so unique and wonderful and why I’m thrilled to be able to stock it.

The other day my project was to re-do this vintage iron chair:

Isn’t it cute? I felt it just needed a bit fresher and bolder look.

After I removed the cushion, the first thing I did, as I do with everything I’m going to paint, is to wash it. It’s important to get any dirt, dust and oils off the surface so that I’m creating the best surface for paint to stick to.

Fusion TSP Alternative really cleans well, just a couple capfuls in a quart of water. And unlike regular TSP, (which has phosphate in it and needs to be thoroughly rinsed off before painting) Fusion TSP Alternative is phosphate free and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

After the chair was totally dry, since this is old paint, possibly oil paint, I decided a quick bonding primer coat of Ultra Grip would be a good idea.

It looks white in the bottle, but dries clear super fast. Just a quick thin coat of this amazing primer is all that’s needed to ensure a good bond.

For best results, the Ultra Grip primer should cure for 12 hours.

Using the Staalmeester pointed #14 sash brush works so well on skinny spindle shapes like these chair legs!

Next day, it was time for some color:

I had a few things lined up to paint this same color. ‘Ash‘ is my newest favorite color!

This paint color goes on the best I’ve ever used… or any paint… ever… (and I’ve painted A LOT!) I couldn’t believe that this chair was basically done in one thin coat!

This is a closeup of it after a single coat:

Amazing, right?! I did go ahead and do a second coat sparingly, just to get a few little spots, but seriously, this was a dream to work with. And I love the soft black, almost dark grey black color.

My inspiration for the chair was this vintage fabric I found a few months ago.

It is such a sweet print, and the grey/black toile pattern looked great with the grey/black ‘Ash’ color.

Working from the fabric florals for my palette guidance, I mixed a few drops of Fusion Mineral Paints to create a couple of colors to highlight the chair details with.

That’s it! Painting is done. Fusion dries to a beautiful matte finish and no topcoat is necessary.

Instead of ripping off the old fabric and dealing with the gazillion staples holding it in place.

I just cut a round of fabric and started hot gluing it in place.

When I do cushions like this, I like to work on opposite sides to keep the fabric as even as possible.

Finally, I got to the gaps in between the 8 points of glued on parts.

For that, I ran a line of hot glue and working quickly, pulled up the fabric, trying to evenly gather it in place as the glue cooled and held it all together.

Next, I ran my scissors around and trimmed off the excess fabric.

With the seat popped back in place, the vintage chair looks so different.

The floral details popped beautifully once the Fusion Mineral Paint colors were added. This was a simple treatment to give it a custom finish.

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