Antique Kitchen Island Organization

We are working on an exciting kitchen project happening later this week. I wanted to clean up and organize the back of our kitchen island to prepare! I shared with you earlier in the year about our (new to us) Antique Kitchen Island, which you can read about here [HERE]. As it was once a store counter, the back of it is open shelving. While I love this feature, it is a little difficult to keep clean and organized. While Cope usually doesn’t stick his fingers in anything he shouldn’t, I still would like to have things contained just in case! Today I am sharing with you the process of organizing this useful space while keeping the open shelving aspect. Before we get to storage we need to do our best to match the new baseboards to the rest of the backside of the piece. When we first brought the counter into the kitchen, we needed to raise it up a few inches and level the top, the farmhouse kitchen has a little slope to it, haha. Jose routed a left over piece of our flooring to create the base. We stained it Minwax Early American and went overtop the stain with Fusion Mineral Lime Wax to dull it up a little bit, and not look like a freshly new stained piece of new wood, here is how it turned out.

After we stained the baseboards you notice how it looks like a fresh and new stained board. A light layer of lime wax and shortly after applying I wiped it down and you can see it dulls it up a little bit to help a slight aging look. There are so many different tone variations in the counter and the coloring really matches areas very well… we are very happy with how it turned out.

I chose wicker storage bins that would look aesthetically pleasing to have on open shelves. Placing things in baskets will help to keep everything enclosed and in its place. It will also look organized to the bare eye. Having it this way reminded me of a blog post I shared about cleaning products that are so pretty, you can leave them out as decor. If you would like to see some of the cleaning products I like to leave out, you can check out this blog post here [HERE]. I also love this blog post of glass kitchen jars, which you can see here [HERE].

Shop some of my favorite organizational products, including the products I used in our antique kitchen island by clicking the images below:

How do you like to stay organized in your cozy spaces? I would love to hear your tips and tricks on either Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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